A business is only as strong as the community it serves.

The relationship established between a business and its community is of paramount importance to both sides. It yields untold benefits such as a shared sense of responsibility and trust. This comes through open and honest communication, an unwavering presence and good service. When the community can feel that the business cares, both the community and the business flourish. They will be more open to the exchange of ideas that can provide solutions to problems and challenges identified, as well as provide resources and services that are most needed.

This is the idea that permeates Delta Petroleum and guides our path in community relations. We don’t view community relations as our “responsibility”, we view it as our way to ensure that we are rooted and connected to the communities that we serve. During the back to school supply drive held on [Date], our Regional General Manager, Bevis Sylvestor, shared his vision of how Delta plans to continue to be involved in the community.

It’s important that we invest in the community that we serve.” Sylvestor stated. “It’s our way of showing that we care. We want to help our community be the best version of itself.” Delta Petroleum believes in showing our communities that we care and that we are willing to take care of them. It is important to build strong bonds in the community, not only for our business, but especially for the people who live there. 

And what better way for us to show our commitment, than by giving back to the children? Children make up almost half of the world’s population and it’s important to equip them with the necessary tools for them to grab a hold of their future. A contribution to their educational journey, can assist them in attaining their dreams.

Deputy Prime Minister Hon Shawn Richards was in attendance and offered his praises. “It’s good to see businesses making their presence felt in the community. Delta Petroleum is creating an atmosphere of family that is refreshing to see.”
While Delta Petroleum takes its corporate social responsibility seriously, this drive is more than that. It’s about really cementing our place in the communities that we serve. We have recognized that long-term relationships play an undeniable role in meeting the needs of our customers and we will continue to strive to always keep this at the helm of our operations.

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